The Importance of Knowing Yourself and How You Learn!

By Samantha Kolkey

A few days ago I came across a brief TEDx Talk and I felt compelled to share it. In his powerful presentation, Scott Sonnon details his experience growing up with Dyslexia. His story has so many layers including the impact of violence on children and the importance of advocacy.  Please feel free to leave comments about how you discovered your learning style and any thoughts on how the American education system can approach teaching without enforcing conformity to one learning style.

“How we suppress genius and create learning disability”


Author: optionsforcollegesuccess

Options for College Success is incorporated as a 501(c) 3 not for profit organization. The population we serve are young adults with learning challenges and disabilities. Our program focuses on six areas of a student's life. We take an individualized approach to ensure that each student is able to realize their full potential. No cutting corners, just the help they need when they need it. 847.425.4797

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