At War with a Learning Disability

Our organization came across an interesting article from The New York Times Magazine.  A soldier wrote about her experience as an active duty soldier in the army, navigating her military dream with a learning disability.

We focus our work on developing grit and perseverance. These qualities provided Ms. Zephrine with a strong foundation to realize her dream of joining the army, and obtaining her master’s degree in social work.

We are sharing this story as a way to showcase the life experiences told firsthand by individuals with learning disabilities and other challenges. Please note that this is one person’s experience.

A Resource for Improved Understanding

By Samantha Kolkey

I follow The Mighty on Facebook and their videos pop up on my feed often.  Recently, I saw a video that highlighted one of my student’s diagnoses, which is one that I am not familiar working with in a clinical setting.  It presented statements from individuals who also have the same diagnosis as this student. It opened my eyes to what this student is struggling with on a daily basis, and it clarified the challenges he has been enduring.  This led to me applying new approaches to help this individual.

The Options staff and I feel that The Mighty is a powerful resource for students, parents, clinicians, educators, and other family members to access when trying to understand an individual’s diagnosis and disability.   Frustration can be common among service providers and parents to those who have a mental health diagnosis or other disability. It is important to always get the individual’s perspective and The Mighty helps to provide this.  An improved understanding of an individual can only reap benefits.

Thank you @TheMightySite!

When Life Gives You Lemons…

By Samantha Kolkey

Happy Friday!

Below is a link to a wonderful article about a man who turned the lemons he was given in life into lemonade intended to help people! Cliff Weitzman channeled his struggles with dyslexia and difficulties with speech into a new app catered to help those with cerebral palsy, stroke patients, autism, and various speech disorders communicate. It truly is inspiring and uplifting to see how one can reframe their challenges and create positive outcomes! Let us all get out there and spread positive energy, kindness, and love!

How have you channeled your challenges into the positive?


The Importance of Knowing Yourself and How You Learn!

By Samantha Kolkey

A few days ago I came across a brief TEDx Talk and I felt compelled to share it. In his powerful presentation, Scott Sonnon details his experience growing up with Dyslexia. His story has so many layers including the impact of violence on children and the importance of advocacy.  Please feel free to leave comments about how you discovered your learning style and any thoughts on how the American education system can approach teaching without enforcing conformity to one learning style.

“How we suppress genius and create learning disability”